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Music Life

2014-07-20 23:28:16 by MrStr8face

Hi there! I have been thinking about where I want to go in music. Truly, all I want to do is help people make music for games, videos, trailers, montages, you name it. I recently started making Electonic Dance Music again and I can honestly say, the crowd, the people associated with it, they're all just so depressing. Something about Newgrounds. It's just a much more friendly environment where people can actually give you critisim without your work being shot down like if you were on Facebook. And as much as I love making Dubstep, I would just love more than anything in the world to make music for games. I love games and would love to help make some and feature my music in it. I just wanted to give my view on where I would like to take my music career. I will still make EDM tunes here and there, for free of course. But I really just want to befriend some game developers or even animators who need music for their films and help with the music production for absolutely free. Thanks for taking the time to listen, guys. Welcome to my  page and enjoy the music!


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2014-07-23 09:45:59

I've got a friend who is thinking of starting making flash games, I'll recommend you as much as possible. :) It's not much but It's all I can do!

MrStr8face responds:

Thank you!


2014-10-13 08:03:50

mate you're incredible to still have so much love for NG - you deserve 10x the amount of fans you have because, in all honesty you are one of the best producers on this site. But due to how the audio portal operates you don't get noticed enough here which is a tragedy

I used to make music for some flash games here and there - I'll go recommend ya mate to few guys i know, nothing big but it's the least I can do

don't stop making music mate :)

MrStr8face responds:

Thank you so much! :D This means a lot coming from you :)


2015-04-06 07:07:00

wow barley 30 fans and ur making popular audio in audio portal what is ur secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!