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MrStr8face's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 236 (From 39 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 4,760 Points


20 Stars Unlocked 2/3/14
5 Points
Collect 20 stars in a single flight.
Bird Hunter Unlocked 2/3/14
10 Points
Reach 5x Crane bonus.
High Flyer 5 Points Reach an altitude of 15m.
Hourglass 5 Points Be flying for 1 minute.
Lift Off 5 Points Travel 200m in a single flight.
All Star 10 Points Collect all the available types of stars in a single flight.
Close Call 10 Points Escape from a stall at less than 3m altitude.
Easy Gliding 10 Points Travel 300m without using any fuel during your flight.
Flying Low 10 Points Travel for 300m without exceeding 3m altitude.
Long Haul 10 Points Travel 1000m in a single flight.
Profit 10 Points Collect $500 in a single flight.
Second Wind 10 Points Get boosted by 3 windmills in a single flight.
Swan Dive 10 Points Fly straight downwards at terminal velocity.
Big Money 25 Points Collect $3000 in a single flight.
Daredevil 25 Points Successfully escape from stalling three times in a single flight.
Efficiency 25 Points Clear Japan in 30 days or under.
Galaxy 25 Points Collect 100 stars in a single flight.
Icarus 25 Points Collect 30 space stars in a single flight.
Supersonic 25 Points Reach a velocity of 25m/s.
The Prophecy 25 Points Clear Egypt in 21 days or under.
What Happen? 25 Points Bounce along for another 100m after making contact with the ground.
Borbonne-Le-Bonne 50 Points Clear France in 15 days or under.
Royal Mail 50 Points Clear England in 8 days or under.

Medals Earned: 2/23 (15/410 points)

A Ghostly Journey

Back Outside Unlocked 3/25/14
25 Points
Left the castle
Churchgoer Unlocked 3/25/14
25 Points
Completed all church levels
Grave Yard Shift Unlocked 3/25/14
25 Points
Left the grave yard
City Slicker Unlocked 3/26/14
50 Points
Reached the City
Home Sweet Home Unlocked 3/26/14
100 Points
Completed the story
Credits 5 Points viewed the credits
Code Breaker 100 Points cracked the code on level 25
Set Them Free 100 Points Freed all the lost souls

Medals Earned: 5/8 (225/430 points)


BEEcareful Unlocked 3/29/14
5 Points
Your First Death. Lol!
Splat Unlocked 3/29/14
5 Points
Collide with a Wall or the Drill Bee
Spread Your Wings Unlocked 3/29/14
5 Points
Play for the First Time
BEEhave 10 Points Don't Throw Da Bombs!
BEEvincible 10 Points Kill a Drill Bee with the invincible Power-Up
Hoarder 10 Points Collect 10 Power-Ups in One Game
BEElievable 25 Points Earn 10,000 Points
Own Thy Enemy 25 Points Survive for 2 Minutes!
Aces Charles 50 Points Earn 30,000 Points!
Master Thy Enemy 50 Points Survive for 4 Minutes!
BEE Thy Enemy 100 Points Survive for 6 Minutes!
UnBEElievable 100 Points Earn 50,00 Points
?Flappy Bird? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/13 (15/420 points)

Black Bit Ninja

Bit Student Unlocked 3/21/14
5 Points
Checking out the game!
The Arcane Unlocked 3/21/14
50 Points
Meet Mr Wizard
Bit Slasher 10 Points Finishing Level 5
Bit Slayer 25 Points Finishing level 15
Bit Swordman 25 Points Finishing Level 10
Bit Slicer 50 Points Finishing level 20
The BitMan 50 Points Used the grappling hook successfully!
Bit Obliterator 100 Points Finishing the entire game and killing all the red ninjas!

Medals Earned: 2/8 (55/315 points)

Cyber Pink

CyberPunk Jam Submission Unlocked 3/26/14
5 Points
Just play this Game
Med1 Unlocked 3/26/14
5 Points
start level 1
Med2 Unlocked 3/26/14
5 Points
Start Level 2
Med1 Gold Unlocked 3/26/14
10 Points
Win Level 1 with 3 stars
Med3 5 Points Start Level 3
Med4 5 Points Start level 4
Med5 5 Points start level 5
Med6 5 Points Start level 6
Med7 5 Points Start level 7
Med8 5 Points Start level 8
Med9 5 Points Start Level 9
Gold7 10 Points win Level 7 with 3 stars
Med 17 10 Points Start Level 17
Med10 10 Points Start level 10
Med10 Gold 10 Points win with 3 stars level 10
Med11 10 Points Start Level 11
Med11 Gold 10 Points With level 11 with 3 stars
Med12 10 Points Start Level 12
Med12 Gold 10 Points Win Level 12 with 3 stars
Med13 10 Points Start Level 13
Med13 Gold 10 Points Win Level 13 with 3 stars
Med14 10 Points Start Level 14
Med14 Gold 10 Points Win level 14 with 3 stars
Med15 10 Points Start Level 15
Med16 10 Points Start level 16
Med18 10 Points Start level 18
Med19 10 Points Start level 19
Med2 Gold 10 Points Win with 3 stars level 2
Med20 10 Points Start Level 20
Med3 Gold 10 Points Win with 3 stars level 3
Med4 Gold 10 Points win with 3 stars level 4
Med5 Gold 10 Points Win with 3 stars level 5
Med6 Gold 10 Points Win with 3 stars level 6
Med8 Gold 10 Points Win with 3 stars level 8
Med9 Gold 10 Points Win Level 9 with 3 stars
Med15 Gold 25 Points Win Level 15 with 3 stars
Med16 Gold 25 Points Win Level 16 with 3 stars
Med17 Gold 25 Points Win level 17 with 3 stars
Med18 Gold 25 Points Win level 18 with 3 stars
Med19 Gold 25 Points Win with 3 stars Level 19
Virtual Boxer 25 Points Win the Game
Med20 Gold 50 Points Defeat Boss with 3 stars

Medals Earned: 4/42 (25/500 points)

Dot Lock

Challenge accepted Unlocked 4/16/14
5 Points
Complete the very first level
Almost perfect Unlocked 4/16/14
10 Points
Complete a level with 2 stars
Perfect Unlocked 4/16/14
10 Points
Complete a level with 3 stars
Man of the day 25 Points Lock 25 boards
Casual 50 Points Take 33% of stars
Man of the month 50 Points Lock 75 boards
Man of the week 50 Points Lock 50 boards
New management 100 Points Complete the game with 3 stars
Promotion 100 Points Lock all boards !
Senior 100 Points Take 66% of stars

Medals Earned: 3/10 (25/500 points)


Nimble Unlocked 3/26/14
5 Points
Collect 200 crystals in Game Mode
Winner Unlocked 3/26/14
25 Points
Complete the Game Mode
Dexterous 10 Points Collect 500 crystals in Game Mode
Sprinter 10 Points Run 100m in Trial Mode
Stayer 25 Points Run 500m in Trial Mode
Marathoner 50 Points Run 1000m in Trial Mode
Insane 100 Points Run 1500m in Trial Mode

Medals Earned: 2/7 (30/225 points)

Earth Taken 2

Hush Hush Unlocked 3/27/14
10 Points
Find 1 secret area
Shepherd Unlocked 3/27/14
10 Points
Save 4 survivors
Bloodbath Unlocked 3/28/14
25 Points
Kill 50 soldiers
Poacher Unlocked 3/28/14
25 Points
Kill 60 leapers
Massacre Unlocked 3/28/14
50 Points
Kill 200 enemies
Arsonist 10 Points Fully upgrade your flame thrower
Breather 10 Points Fully upgrade your gas mask
Burster 10 Points Fully upgrade your sub machine gun
Grenadier 10 Points Fully upgrade your grenade launcher
Health Freak 10 Points Fully upgrade your health
High Tech 10 Points Fully upgrade your laser cannon
Pistol Whip 10 Points Fully upgrade your pistol
Slugger 10 Points Fully upgrade your shotgun
Champion 25 Points Save 12 survivors
Explode! 25 Points Blow up 13 cars
Genocide 25 Points Kill 60 aliens
White Trash 25 Points Trash 40 trashcans
Nightman 50 Points Shoot out 100 lights
Treasure Hunter 50 Points Find all 18 secret areas
Victorious 50 Points Complete all chapters

Medals Earned: 5/20 (120/450 points)

Elf Story

Baseball Bat Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
You found the baseball bat!
Extra Kupo Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
You've earned extra kupo!
Fanboy Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
You found the fanboy hoodie! It's from your favorite game of all time!
Got Wooden Sword Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
The bat that you found has turned into a wooden sword!
Halfsies Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
You got split into two by a bandit elf! Crap!
Impalation Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
You got impaled by a bandit elf's thrown sword! Deadly!
Start Unlocked 4/20/14
5 Points
Start the game... press the play button.
Beatdown Unlocked 4/20/14
10 Points
You beat the crap out of that bandit elf! Yeesh...
Gobblo Wood Kill Unlocked 4/20/14
10 Points
You killed a Gobblo with the wooden sword!
Shrunken Head Unlocked 4/20/14
25 Points
You found the magical shrunken head!
Arrow Death 5 Points You got impaled by a Gobblo's arrow!
Arrow To The Neck 5 Points Ouch. You took an arrow straight to the neckery.
Arrow To The Stomach 5 Points Yeowch. You took a nasty arrow to the stomachial region.
Giant Fist 5 Points You caught a giant fist to the face... and exploded. True story.
Got Battle Dagger 5 Points The kitchen knife that you found has turned into the battle dagger! Shweet!
Got Bombs 5 Points You got yourself some bombs! Now, let's go blow s**t up!
Got Soul Bangle 5 Points You got the Soul Bangle dude! Now you can throw blue fireballs! Hadoken!
Got Steel Sword 5 Points You've found a way to get the Steel Sword! Congratulations!
Skull 5 Points You found the hidden skull!
Blue Flames 10 Points You used the Soul Bangle to send a powerful blast of blue energy at an unlucky bandit elf.
Bombed 10 Points You chucked a bomb at a bandit and blew his guts all over the place!
Dagger To La Face 10 Points You said, "Screw it!" and threw your dagger at a bandit's face! Shweet!
Dead Bird 10 Points You found the dead blue bird!
Electrocuted 10 Points You electrocuted a bandit elf via a Super Pretendo controller!
Face Knifed 10 Points You stuck a dangerously sharp dagger into the fleshy face of an outclassed bandit elf... Nicely done.
Fatal Error 10 Points You found the only way to die in scene 1!
Gobblo Arrow Kill 10 Points You made the Gobblo enemy shoot himself in the face! Cool!
Gobblo Dagger Kill 10 Points Kill the Gobblo with the Battle Dagger!
Goober 10 Points You found the Goober action figurine!
No Defense 10 Points You failed to block an incoming vertical slash... tsk, tsk...
Pissed Off Shopkeeper 10 Points Dude.... You so shouldn't have made Hobart mad, dude.
Rock Death 10 Points You killed yourself using an immensely heavy rock!
Spin Attack 10 Points You used the jumping spin attack on that blondie of a bandit elf! Good work.
Spinning Destruction 10 Points You used an ultra-powerful, double spin slash to decimate the bandit elf who deserved it!
Squished 10 Points The Ogre grabbed you and squeezed you until you went "pop"
Stabbered 10 Points The bandit threw a knife at you and gotcha right through the heart!
Weak Defense 10 Points Looks like you TRIED to block, buuuut..... yeeeaaahhh....
Wheel Of Decimation 10 Points Whoah... Don't you think that was a bit... uh, overkill? It was entertaining though.
You Should Block 10 Points Sooo, yeah, you should try blocking sometime....
Controller 25 Points You found the video game controller!
Knife 25 Points You found the knife!
Poop 25 Points You found bird poop! Yay!
Game Won 50 Points You freakin' beat the freakin' game! Holy moly!
Ogre Destroyed 50 Points You've defeated the Ogre! Holy crap!

Medals Earned: 10/44 (80/500 points)


Boss Assassin Unlocked 3/28/14
5 Points
Beat a miniboss !
Boss Slained Unlocked 3/28/14
5 Points
Beat your first boss !
Car Parts Unlocked 3/28/14
5 Points
Destroy 10 Turret Troopers
Enemy Down Unlocked 3/28/14
5 Points
Kill 15 Troopers
Victory Unlocked 3/28/14
5 Points
Complete a stage and get your first medal.
Shiny Medal Unlocked 3/28/14
10 Points
Get a Silver medal !
Axe Particles 5 Points Destroy 5 Axes while they're in mid-air
Cold Massacre 5 Points Kill 10 Eskimo Hunter
Couple Screws 5 Points Kill 10 Cyber Dino
Drill Twist 5 Points Dodge 15 drills on stage 2
Munition Shell 5 Points Buy your first gun in the upgrade shop !
Need More Ammo 5 Points Buy 3 Guns in the upgrade shop !
Remote Mines 5 Points Kill the Miniboss of Stage 2
Ship Abort 5 Points Kill 10 Laser Beam Ship
Space Invaders 5 Points Kill 10 Invaders on stage 4
Spider Food 5 Points Kill 15 Spider Mines
Dead Blocks 10 Points Kill the Miniboss of Stage 4
Frosty Worm 10 Points Kill Stage 3's miniboss
Jurassic Hunter 10 Points Kill Stage 2's boss
Worthy Stats 10 Points Use 2 stats points or more in every Skill
Billionaire 25 Points Max your Income skill
Boss Killer 25 Points Beat 3 bosses !
Chemical Nuke 25 Points Buy ALL Guns in the upgrade shop.
Double Jump 25 Points Max your Jump skill
Fastest Gunner 25 Points Max your Reload skill
Full HP 25 Points Max your Health skill
Gold Teeth 25 Points Get a Gold Ribbon Medal !
Golden Eye 25 Points Obtain the Golden Gun !
Golden Shower 25 Points Get Gold Ribbons for all Stages !
Gun Powder 25 Points Buy 5 Guns in the upgrade shop !
Max Level 25 Points Get to Level 12
Boss Slayer 100 Points Beat all 4 bosses and complete the game !

Medals Earned: 6/32 (35/500 points)